Welcome to MercyRay Boats and Services About Us Page

   MercyRay Boats and Services was established in June 2010. Services includes island hopping, scuba diving, leisure cruise, sunset cruise, fish feeding, bird watching, etc. The company was built through the vision of the owner Mr. Raymond Earle Mills. He learned that people wanted a way to escape the stress of everyday life and relax and enjoy. MercyRay Boats and Service creates memories with the quality island hopping excursions.

All boats are issued a Safety Certificate from Marina 7 and the captains and crews are fully trained about safety of all the people on board.

We cater to all people from all walks of life from company excursions, family celebrations to a romantic cruise. We have people from many countries using our services.

About the Owners:

Raymond Earle Mills (President)

A Sociology graduate from University of Calgary. He has written books in Korea including the famous best selling Toonglish. Mr Mills loves making clients excursions one they wont forget.

Mercy Mills (Associate President)

An Industrial Engineer. Nature lover by heart. Loves to travel. Mercy is dedicated to creating a memorial island excursion for all clients.

Mark West (Marketing Officer)

Mark attended Purdue University and has been a business owner most of his life. His passion is with the internet, traveling, spending time with family and loves the Philippines. Mark has been blessed with a large family and he finds enjoyment on making sure people have a good time and memories are created with our cruises.







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