caohagan ISLAND

Less than an hour away from Mactan Island, Caohagan Island is a scenic view of the ocean. Take a quick underwater adventure with your family and friends. You can never go wrong with Caohagan Island's peaceful atmosphere. Visit Caohagan and have a fun-filled day!


Nalusuan is a private island resort and marine sanctuary.

It is approximately 30 minutes away from Mactan island.

The island has its iconic long pier where boats dock, and is surrounded by a marine sanctuary.

gilutungan ISLAND

Gilutungan is one of the seven isles that comprises the Olango Reef. It is approximately 25 minutes

away from Mactan island. It is a marine sanctuary that is also very well-known for snorkeling, fish feeding and scuba diving

pandanon ISLAND

Pandanon Island is a beautiful island with a long , winding sandbar that changes with the tide.

The island can be reached by an hour boat ride from Mactan, and is one of the most popular destinations for island hopping tours for its mesmerizing white sand beach.